Priam and Pontides

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  1. Laomedon sired a son named Podacres, who would rule Troy under what name?
  2. When Peisistratus returned to Athens in triumph. Which "goddess" served as his charioteer?
  3. Podarces, son of Iphiklos; rich in sheep, lead his people in battle after the death of his older brother . His brother was the first Achaian to leap ashore at Troy. What was the name of his great-hearted brother?
  4. Xanthus is the god of which Trojan river?
  5. Gaia bore without sweet union of love the fruitless deep with his raging swell. What is name of this primordal god of the sea?
  6. Thaumas "wonder" was a second generation sea god. He married the Oceanid, Electra. The children of Thaumas and Electra were the Harpies and Iris. Iris, in addition to being the goddess of rainbows, was a messenger for the Olympian gods. Thaumas had another daughter by Electra who was messager for the Titans. What was her name?
  7. Nereids dwell in the depths of the ______?
  8. Begging a favor from Zeus for her son Achilles. "She sat herself down before him, and with her left hand seized his knees, while with her right she caught him under the chin, and besought him." Who is she?
  9. The tall king entered without their seeing him, and going right up to Achilles he clasped his knees and kissed the dread man slaughtering hands that had slain so many of his sons. Who is this Trojan king?
  10. The priest Chryses lifted up his hands and prayed aloud , bringing death and pain to the Achaian host. To which god did he pray?

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