What Greek Goddess Are You?

This quiz is the goddess version of my previous quiz, "What Greek God Are You?" Because I couldn't fit all twelve Olympians (fourteen including Hestia and Hades) into one quiz, I separated them into male and female. Of course, you may take either quiz regardless of your gender.

After answering these questions, you'll be given a Greek goddess that suits your personality. Are you humble like Hestia? Wise like Athena? Charming like Aphrodite? Find your Olympian match in just a few clicks.

Created by: A Relic
  1. Is war ever justified?
  2. A person in whom you have no interest romantically pursues you. You have to see this person on a daily basis. What do you do?
  3. What ideal do you chase the most?
  4. Do people sometimes ask you for relationship advice?
  5. When you were younger, did you often get in trouble for talking in class?
  6. Pick a font.
  7. Out of these, what's your favorite smell?
  8. Have you ever considered being a politician?
  9. Describe your social dynamic.
  10. Which method works the best for you to ward away stress? (Not the one you most frequently use, but the one with the highest success rate.)
  11. Pick a bird.

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