Can You Control The Weather?

Do you ever feel like you can control the weather. Want to know if you can or if it's just a coincidence. Find out in this fun and fictional quiz.

Please read this part: This quiz is just for fun and mainly fictional. Although anything is possible. Please rate and comment and thank you for taking my quiz. Also click my username below if you like this quiz.

Created by: PeaceLoveCats

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  1. Please read the description above before starting this quiz.
  2. Does it rain when you are sad or crying?
  3. Is it sunny when you are happy?
  4. Is it normal weather (slightly cloudy with a blue sky) when you are calm?
  5. Is it cloudy or slightly cloudy when you are confused or nervous?
  6. If you stare at/focus on the trees really hard do they move?
  7. Do you like to learn about the weather?
  8. Do you enjoy being outside in all types of weather?
  9. Last Question. Do you think you can control the weather
  10. Thanks for taking my quiz. Please rate and comment. (no rude comments/ratings please)

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Quiz topic: Can I Control The Weather?