How aggressive r you?

Many people are naturally aggressive,and some learn from others.Aggression is a tool,for you to use and to learn to control.The more you control the more you learn how to control other things.

Do you know how to control your agression?Do you even know how agressive you are?Until now you could wonder.But thanks to this awesome quiz,in just a few minutes you'll find out

Created by: Firestar /Msossa

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  1. Suppose someone says their better than you, what do you do?
  2. If you had to knock down a 100 pound guy,could you do it?
  3. Do you hate company?
  4. If someone harassed your family or your friends,what would you do about it?
  5. Do you think about bad things,or good things?
  6. Do you like to go hunting?
  7. Can you sneak up on your "victims" without being noticed?
  8. Do you throw tantrums?
  9. Does this quiz help you to understand who you are?
  10. Are you Aggressive?

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