Are you capable of standing up for yourself?

Not everybody has the backbone to stand up for themselves, even in situations that truly require it. A person can be overly aggressive and snap at anyone who looks at them funny. Or they can cower away anytime a confrontation is knocking on the door.

Which are you? Are you aggressive, assertive, or passive when it comes to standing up for yourself? Everybody is different when handling the same situation. Take this quiz to find out where you stand.

Created by: Sharae
  1. You finally found that lovely, rare ring with your birthstone on it. Best of all, it's cheap and you can afford it. You tell the cashier you'll be back since you forgot your cash in your car. But once you get back, you realize another customer is buying it. You:
  2. You're sitting down in a very crowded subway, minding your own business when a rude man demands for you to give up your seat for his tired girlfriend. You would:
  3. Your significant other constantly has been bickering and complaining about hair left in the sink lately. You know for a fact it's their gross hair and you say:
  4. There's the biggest snow storm heading for your city and you hurry to the local supermarket to pack up on water and other essentials. No surprise it's packed, but you find a lone basket hidden. You scurry to it but before you can claim it as yours, some frantic, rude woman yanks it from your grasp. You:
  5. You work for a corporate business that is located in the tallest skyscraper in your city. Your office is on the 21st floor. For some reason, there is only 1 elevator. As you are running towards the elevator, you realize you're 2 mintues away from being late. Just your luck, the doors are open and you are about to sprint inside when someone becomes impatient and closes the doors in your face. You:
  6. You catch your significant other in bed with your absolute enemy after a long and tough day at work. Forced into complete and utter shock, you:
  7. You're a horrible cook and everyone knows it. When serving your dish to a dinner party filled with close friends, you notice they all share "that" look with eachother. You:
  8. Not only are you a horrible cook, but you suck at sports. During tryouts for high school basketball, the coach gets fed up and groans, "You are the worst player I have ever had the displeasure of meeting." You:
  9. One of your closest friends is a known abuser of drugs and is known to carry them around with her. One day, you and her are walking towards a small shopping center when a police cruiser stops you. They find the drugs on her and try to arrest you along with her. You:
  10. It is the hottest day of the summer. You head for the beach and have a hard time finding an available spot on the sand to lay your stuff down. Eventually you do and as you start rubbing sunblock on you, a group of rowdy jocks evade your space, kicking sand on your oily body. You:

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Quiz topic: Am I capable of standing up for myself?