Easiest Harry potter quiz ever

she was just seventeen you know what i mean and the way she looked was way beyond compare now she woodnt dance with another and i saw her standing there well she looked at me and i, i could see that before to long i fell in love with herrrrr now she woodny dance with another oooo cuz i saw her standing there

she's goin out to forget they were together all that time she was takin him for granted she wants to see if theres more than see gave he's lookin for he calls her up she's trippin on the fone line had to give up and it aint cumin home now

Created by: rocky raccoon
  1. Who is the owner of the sorceror's stone?
  2. In the Order of the Phoenix who gives Harry a mighty satchel?
  3. In the half blood prince who is breathong down Cornelius Fudge's neck?
  4. Who is whiter?
  5. What is Harry potter's last name?
  6. To kill someone what do you have to say?
  7. How does Harry respond when Malfoy tells him to go to azkaban?
  8. In Harry Potter and the goblet of fire what is in the goblet?
  9. Which of these is an actual House?
  10. In the Deathly Hallows what is the adverb that describes the Hallows?
  11. What does the J.K. in J.k. Rowling stand for?
  12. Who is the main character in Harry Potter?
  13. What is the mascot of Ravenclaw?
  14. In the Prisoner of Azkaban who is the the Prisoner of?
  15. What do Death Eaters eat?
  16. What are a few of Harry's favorite things?
  17. Which of these isn't a real charm?
  18. Who killed Harry's parents?
  19. What type of Elf is Dobby the House elf?
  20. What is Ron's rat's namE?
  21. What is Ron's rat's namE?
  22. Which of these rhymes with Draco?
  23. In the Chamber of secrets what does the chamber contain?
  24. In the movie "Invincible" is the guy that says "i wanna be an Eagle baby" in Harry potter?
  25. Spell Hagrid?
  26. How many heads does Fluffy the Three Headed Dog have?
  27. Where do the Dursley's live?

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