Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows P 2 quiz

There are many Harry Potter fans out there. But very few know the hard bits. Have you ever wondered how well you know Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows p 2?

Now you can find out with my quiz.the results are very,very accurate. And I wouldn't be surprised if you got stumped on a question.This is very hard! Enjoy!

Created by: Harrypotter4eva
  1. Who's house serves as a hiding place for Harry Ron Hermione Luna and Mr Ollivander?
  2. What did Harry Ron and Hermione take from Bellatrix lestranges vault?
  3. How did Harry Ron and Hermione escape from gringotts?
  4. How did Harry Ron and Hermione get to Hogwarts?
  5. Who becomes headmaster after Professor Dumbledore?
  6. How many more horcruxs do they have to destroy?
  7. Which is NOT a horcrux?
  8. Which one of Draco Malfoys friends is killed in the room of requirement?
  9. Who kills Nagini before she attacks Ron and Hermione?
  10. What spell does Voldemort use and what does does Harry use when they are duelling?
  11. Who does Harry Potter Marry?
  12. Who does Hermione Granger Marry?
  13. What is Harry's Daughters name?
  14. Who is Harry's oldest son?
  15. How many kids does Ron have?

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