Are you a TRUE Harry Potter fan?

Have you read the books? Watched the movies? Have a good memory? Then your ready for my Harry Potter quiz to tell the true fans from the liars! Are you a true fan, or a liar? Take my quiz and find out!

HARRY POTTER! This is my second quiz ever, to find the true Harry Potter fans, are you one of them? I know I am! Or are you a *gasps* fake? I know for sure I'm not! So take my quiz and find out, good luck!

Created by: sydney of sydney
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  1. What is Harry Potter's middle name?
  2. What is Dumbledore's full name?
  3. What is Voldemort's real name?
  4. What is the fourth book called: Harry Potter and the . . . ?
  5. What was the date when Voldemort murdered Lily and James?
  6. Who is Wormtail?
  7. How many kids does Harry have, and with who?
  8. Who did Harry first have a crush on in the books?
  9. Who came for Harry at the Dursley's in the third book?
  10. How many dementors attacked Harry and Dudley in the beginning of 'Order of the Phoenix?'
  11. What are squibs?
  12. Did you find this test easy?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE Harry Potter fan?