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  • @LunaLovegood3, no offence... i dont know if you know this yet but alan rickman never said that. it was something a fan made up, though in a conversation with dumbledore in the deathly hallows part 2 when he cast his patronus (a doe, the same as Lilies) dumbledore says "Lily... after all this time?"

    and Severus replies with "Always".

    That is the only simularity i can find. Sorry again if you found this offensive.

    Alan Rickman

  • 100%. It was really easy, but I'm HP obsessed. As Alan Rickman said (He played Severus Snape in case you didn't know) I'll be reading HP when I'm old. My family will say "Harry Potter? After all this time?" And I'll say "Always"

  • 100% I think I may be obsessed.


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