Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Many people think that you know everything about Harry Potter. You probably think 'hey, I get 100s on all other quizes. This will be easy.' I always think like that and still do, but I hope that this test changes your way of thinking.

In order to get a good grade on this test, you need to have actually read the 5th book. I don't mean picked it up and skimmed it, I mean read it, and preferably numerous times. If you have just watched the movie please don't take the test.

Created by: Kelly
  1. What broomstick does Tonk's ride?
  2. Who is Araminta Meliflua to Sirius Black?
  3. what is Araminta Meliflua known for?
  4. Why was Sirius's Uncle Albert taken off the Black Family Tree?
  5. Where was Harry's hearing originally planned to take place?
  6. What is the telephone number to get into the Ministry through the visitor's entrance?
  7. Name one person who would work on Level 5 of the Ministry of Magic?
  8. Name one place where a Regurgitating Toilet was found?
  9. Name one place that Harry's 'Committed Offences' can be found.
  10. Why are Fred and George having a hard time gettin Venemous Tentacula seeds for their Skiving Snackboxes?
  11. Who got Neville his Mimbulus Mimbletonia?
  12. Who are the two new Ravenclaw Prefects?
  13. What day of the week, date, and time is the Gryffindor Keeper Tryouts?
  14. What did Harry do wrong while making the Draught of Peace for the first time?
  15. On what page of "Defensive Magical Theory" by Wilbert Slinkhard does chapter begin?
  16. Name one person who flew better than Ron at the Gryffindor Keeper tryouts.
  17. Where did Sturgis Podmore live before he was arrested?
  18. What color is the Strengthening Solution supposed to be?

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