How well do you know the world of Harry Potter?

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How much do you know about Harry Potter ? Do you know the basic stuff or absolutely everything?

Find out how much you know! Do you know what a sickle is and who Cornelius Fudge is? Who founded the Hogwarts houses? See if you know everything in this quiz.

Created by: chocolatefrog
  1. Which is the highest value money?
  2. Which is not a pet on the Hogwarts list that they can bring?
  3. How much is the snitch worth in Quidditch?
  4. How many hoops does each Quidditch team have?
  5. Where are wizard cards found?
  6. Which is a magical pub/hotel?
  7. Which spell would you use in a duel?
  8. What is the wizard prison called?
  9. What guards the wizard prison?
  10. What are followers of Voldemort called?
  11. What were Voldemort's initials?
  12. What is the wizard government called?
  13. What is Harry Potter known as?
  14. Who founded Hufflepuff?
  15. Who founded Gryffindor?
  16. Why is Slytherin's animal a snake?
  17. Which could be an animagius?
  18. What does the polyjuice potion do?
  19. Which is not an exam?
  20. How many sickles are in a galleon?
  21. What are sold at Olivander's?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the world of Harry Potter?