R U capable of going to jail?

there are many criminals in life,but are you a criminal or are you capable of going to jail? take this quiz and find out if you are ever in your life going to prison! tel your friends about the quiz (if u have any friandS!

take the quiz to see if you will ever go to jail, just take it and enjoy it, okay just enjoy the quiz and take it again,and again to see if you will ever be in jail, so take IT! (im just stalling)

Created by: name
  1. If you wanted something really expensive from a store and had no money what would you do???
  2. if you saw a bomb standing in the middle of the street what would you do???
  3. has anybody ever called the cops(police(FBI))on you???
  4. have you ever comitted a crime that nobody knows about???
  5. if your friends ever ask you if you wanted to go kill people,what would you say...
  6. what would you do if you saw the police chasing a mand that stold a bag of money?
  7. have you ever been in jail???
  8. do you have any f---ing guns AT HOME???
  9. Do you want to go to the bathroom ???(hold it in)
  10. Did you like this quiz???
  11. what type of backround do you come from?
  12. have you ever tryed drugs???

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