will you end up in jail??

Will you go to jail??? i might be rong but i dont really care so that meens if you get 100% you still might not go to jail so dont get upset if you get a high percent...anyways godda waste space now so you can stop reading... no seriosly please stop

OMG stp reading the discription im writing.. wow u suck at listening just stop and get on with your life dont waste any more reading this stupid patagrap about a dumb guy reading this whole discription that is to stupid to notice the robber breaking in to their house because this is his distraction for him and we split the profit 50% each so that meent we get all your stuff so i suggest u stop reading get a bat and look for that robber who is stealing all of you stuff that took this quiz and got a 100 and i think the distraction was only suposto be aroun 10 minites so dont look for the robber i whant your stuff that he is stealing from you while you real this dumb message which is just a distraction for the robber that i am working with and we planed this robbing thing for weeks so just keep reading this distraction for a little while longer he just told me he is making hi escape now so in about 2 minites after this quiz you will notise you where robbed like i said so go have fun when you are really broke and man my fingers are tired!! dumb distraction!! maybe just a little longer just to be safe cuz he is a really new robber and has no experince or anything so im gunna distract you a little longer just to be safe and all you no what i meen! well thats long enought cuz i broke 2 fingers already... well bye.... thanks for your stuff anyway!!

Created by: austin
  1. Do you ever steal??
  2. how many fights have you gotin in to?
  3. Do you go around killing people for a living?
  4. Have you ever been to jail befor?
  5. Quick pointless question!!! is next! Do you thing about doing something agenst the law every?
  6. Do you like bannanas?? p.s. dosnt effect your score
  7. Have you ever seriosly hurt some one??
  8. Have you every took drugs?
  9. Have you ever tried to kill someone?
  10. Do you play violent video game ( i meen a lot of them!! a lot lot)

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Quiz topic: Will I end up in jail??