Would You Survive As A Fugitive?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a hardened criminal? Take these different scenarios and learn if you can cut it! Hopefully so, or we may be sharing a jail cell my friend.

This quiz may not be right for wimps. And kids under the age of 10. If you have a problem with guns and violence, do NOT take this! This is probably encouraging you to take it, but DO NOT! I warned you.

Created by: Billy
  1. You're poor, and you must go fugitive to survive. What type of store do you rob?
  2. You're caught! With no real harm done, you've got one month in prison. But you can't stand it! What now?
  3. Whatever you chose, you were caught eventually. And hopefully you didn't choose nothing. Anyway, your sentence has been extended. On your way back to the cell, the gaurds aren't there. What do you do?
  4. Miraculously, you made it out. What now?
  5. You eventually decided to reloate, but due to a person who rcognized you from WANTED posters, you're cornered in your new house. What now?
  6. You escaped, but you have no supplies to survive except your AK-47. What now?
  7. You now know they will find you eventually no matter what now. You need a permanent solution.
  8. To get b, you stole a man's ID. The police traced it back to you, and now you're in a high speed chase. You have about ten miles left before you run out of gas. How do you get out of this one?
  9. You've narrowly escaped with your life. Your car just ran out gas, so you must continue on foot. There's a river infront of you. You hear sirens in the distance. Great. Backup.
  10. You fell in the river while you were running. You just got pitched over a waterfall. Bad luck. You're injured and drag yourself away. You incounter a lone police officer. What do you do?

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