will you survive a killer or die and how

youre at a pary the lights go off and the doors are locked and you hear theres someone whos trying to find you and kill you will you survive this killer or end up like his other victims but are you smart enought to not end up like one of them

youve seen some horror movies and see how stupid people can be when there getting chased by the killer like instead of going throught the exit they go to the dead end spot are you that that stupid person or a smart person who will survive take my quiz to see

Created by: juan

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  1. do you have good freinds
  2. your drowing from the killer pushing you head in the water
  3. someone has pushed you off a building
  4. your sleeping on your bed and some some hand grabs you trying to pull you under the bed
  5. some girl in the tv is comin closer to the screen
  6. someone kepps calling you and hangin up
  7. some guy comes out of the closet with a knife
  8. your getting chased and your trapped in a room
  9. your getting chased by a killer and you run into 4 doors you go in
  10. someone calls you and tells you youre gonna die on april 11

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a killer or die and how