Zombies. Survive.

Would you survive the zombie apocolypse? This zombie quiz also shows what kind of person you are. So take this quiz to find out if you will live with my zombie quiz today

Are you a ruthless killer who would shoot his mom if she was zombified or would have one last quickie with your boyfriend/girlfriend before she/he turns find out

Created by: Alex Leen

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  1. You wake up and theres a zombie downstairs what do you grab?
  2. You killed the zombie and find out your mom is one of them what do you do?
  3. You are about to walk out into the street what do you bring with you
  4. You see your teacher on her car what do you do?
  5. You see a small group with plenty of supplies do you go with them?
  6. You and the group find a semi what do you do?
  7. Your girlfriend/boyfriend was bitten what do you do?
  8. you have a choice to go to a mall with the entire group, go to small store by yourself, or go to a gas station with a few people
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