Will u survive Z-Day

You can try to run and you can try to hide but the zombies will always find you. They will kill until all of the humankind is wiped out so survive for as long as you can or you're screwed.

Can you escape from the zombies or die in their rein its your time to find out if you live or if you die when Z-Day comes. Its a gamble for life live or die.

Created by: Weston
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Can you handle a weapon
  2. Do you have friends or family members living near or with you.
  3. Do you have a weapon near ur bed or close
  4. What vehicle are you best at
  5. Do you have a extremley populated area around you
  6. You are stranded in the mountains and there are 25 zombies after u you have a Ak-47 and you have a half a clip left what would you do.
  7. You have a gun with no ammo and no other weapons and u are in a hand to hand fight with a zombie are u prepared to fight?
  8. You are starving and there is only two options finding a store(your 50 miles away with no car or vehicle) or eating a friend(disgusting) Which would you do?
  9. Ur friend gets bitten and you have to kill him. Would you do it?
  10. How far is the nearest weapon store to you.
  11. You are trapped in a building and ur friend is outside saving u and others would you go out to help him?

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