Can YOU survive a ninja?

There are a lot of ninja's out there in the world. Only a select few people can survive them. You must be equipped well, use your own ninjutsu skillz, and use extensive logic in a stress filled battlefield. You can find out here if you can survive a ninja.

Can YOU survive a ninja? Do you have the logic skills to outsmart him? Can you use speed to outrun him? Can you use your weapons to outgun him? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: amazon
  1. Do you own an Uzi 9mm?
  2. Are you skilled in the way of the Samurai?
  3. Can you throw a Shuriken?
  4. Can you face-push people at least 10 feet?
  5. Can you wall run at least 30 steps?
  6. Do you like the Neo-Nazi Party?
  7. Are you related to anybody with the last name "Haslam"?
  8. Could you defeat Chuck Norris in Arm wrestling?
  9. Situation: You are surrounded by 35 ninjas in the middle of a forest. They are equipped with Throwing Stars and Katanas, you have an Uzi 9mm with 30 shots, and a 12 gauge shotgun with 5 rounds. What are your chances for survival?
  10. Is there any way you could put together a pump-action shotgun in less than 1 minute (Gump style)
  11. Situation: You are confronted with a master ninja equipped with dual katanas and three daggers. You have an M16 semi-assault rifle with 130 rounds per clip and 2 clips. Will you survive?

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Quiz topic: Can I survive a ninja?