Are you a Ninja?

A ninja is skillfull and swift. they know of the world and are one of the most intelligent groups of people in the world. Unfortunatly the number of ninja's is going down in common society.

Are you skilled and fast? are you one of the few exceptional people that can achive greatness in the spirit of the world as a ninja?? take this quick, accurate quiz to find out.

Created by: kelsey
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  1. what plan of attack do you execute when you want to isolate your victim?
  2. what color looks the best on you
  3. do you have a person you always confide in
  4. you prefer a weapon...
  5. do you have a ninja kick?
  6. who is your idol??
  7. what color is (or would be) the color of your sabers' handle?
  8. if you were walking down a dirt road and found a large bolder in the middle of your path you would...
  9. if you were to say something about the wind it would be...
  10. what's your personal legend

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Quiz topic: Am I a Ninja?