what type of ninja are you?

Are you a true ninja? There are many true ninjas in the world are you one of them? A ninja is a man of honor,respect,and strength. A man of few words and stealthiness, but not all ninjas can be like that some are different you can be a red ninja,black ninja,idiot ninja,or yellow ninja.

Now...take this quiz and you will find out. Just 2 minutes of your time and wallah! There you have it what type of ninja are you? Once you find out all of your lifes questions will have their answers and you will truly no your meaning in life

Created by: bryce
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your target is distracted eating a rice cake. what do you do? Do you.....
  2. Your favorite weapon is...
  3. whats a katana
  4. whats an assassin
  5. favorite color out of
  6. favorite ranged weapon
  7. how do you pick a fight
  8. stab,shoot,punch/kick,bite
  9. your enemies are having a meeting at a nearby
  10. your boss tells you to kill a family of 2 kids and parents

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Quiz topic: What type of ninja am I?