What ninja are you

Ever wondered what ninja you could become. Well here is a ninja test for you. See if you can kill or will be killed. This isn't for the weak of heart, because ninja's arn't to be triffled with.

If your a true ninja this will be to easy for you, but for those that just don't know it's time you figured it out. If you were a real ninja though then why are you here other than out there killing people.

Created by: Christopher
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  1. The sword of gods was discovered by someone in the village near yours. This sword will assure victory in almost any battle. It is being lightly gaurded right now. What do you do?
  2. Time is of the essence and your target is about to get away. If he does then you will not be paid and lose respect in the ninja community. You have four coices ahead of you. What now?
  3. After compleating your mission you find evidence that the person that hired you lied to you. You hate liars, but he is paying you.
  4. Your only friend is in prison and is going to be killed for something she never did. You are the only thing between life and death for her.
  5. Your money is low and your provisions are lower. You are about to go on a long quest. What do you do now.
  6. What is your aura.
  7. What of the four would you like to do to someone as a ninja.
  8. Name your weapon of choice.
  9. Which would you do to catch your target. He has been on the run for years now, but that was before you took this job.
  10. Lastly time to test your Ninja Luck. Pick a number and it will help deside what you will become.

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