Are you a ninja

There are many wanna be ninja,but few are real ninjas!!!!What is a ninja/a ninja is a person that can kill anyone with the smallest objects and see danger up ahead at any moment.

Are YOU a ninja?Do you have the skills to pass this test?Now you can find out.Just take the quiz and find out if your a real ninja inside.But if you fail keep trying to sucseed.

Created by: Devin
  1. Whats the mane weapon of a ninja
  2. What would you wear
  3. how would you kill someone
  4. how would you preform a sneak attack
  5. where would you train for ninja school
  6. what are ninja wepons made of
  7. what are ninja wepons made of
  8. whatb would be a threat to you
  9. are you scared of ninjas
  10. are you ready to face the truth

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Quiz topic: Am I a ninja