what kind of ninja are you

there are many kinds of people in the world but only some have the knolage and the skill to be a ninja. what is a ninja? a ninja is a person who trains in the art of balance and combat.

are you a ninja? do you have the skill and knowlage to become one if you think so take this quiz and find out whether or not you are able to qualify as a ninja.

Created by: sean
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  1. what are the steps to the move the dragon twister?
  2. how many kicks are in the dragon twister?
  3. what is a side kick?
  4. what part of the foot do you hit with in the side kick?
  5. what is a front kick?
  6. what part of the foot do you hit with in a front kick?
  7. what is a back kick?
  8. what part of the foot do you hit with?
  9. what is the perfect dougde?
  10. what part of the body is used in the 3 prong attack
  11. how do you do the 3 prong attack?
  12. what part of the hand do you use for 64 kwon
  13. how do you attacl your opponete.
  14. when is it right to attack a team mate
  15. do you respect your leader or partner?
  16. do you listen to your leader or partner?
  17. were do you aim when doing a low side kick?
  18. how do you block a side kick?
  19. what do you do when a fellow ninja is under attack?
  20. when is it ok to run from battle?
  21. what do you do when a fellow ninja has died on a mission?
  22. can you stay ballance on somthing for longer than a minute?
  23. are you patiant?
  24. can you do a flip?
  25. can you do a hand spring?
  26. how do you do the dragon strike?
  27. were do you hit the person when doing the sciccors?

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