The True Ninja Test!

What Kind Of Ninja Are You? This Isnt A Cheap Fake Naruto Camparison. This Is The Real Deal! Keep In Mind Stealth And Speed Is What A Ninja Needs! Take this Quiz and You Will Find Out Your Ninjosity Level!

Are You A Master Ninja? Or A Novice Fool? Naruto Quizzes Have Nothing On The Real Deal. Take This Quiz and Find Out Now! Naruto Is A Cartoon Show. But This Quiz Is Based Of Real Ninja Ranks And Fighting Styles!

Created by: Confined
  1. Favorite Ninja Wepeon.
  2. Favorite Fight Move
  3. Favorite Color.
  4. Favorite Food
  5. Favorite Clothes To Wear
  6. Favorite Item Out Of These
  7. Favorite Animal Gaurdian
  8. Favorite Activity Out Of The Following
  9. Favorite Bomb
  10. Favorite Fighting Style.

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