Are you a True Ninja

There are many different and unique ninja's.Are you one?Do you think you're a true ninja?Oh and if you like Naruto you'll like this quiz. Because Naruto is in it and stuff....

Do you wanna find out if you're a TRUE NINJA!Take this quiz and find out!Do you know your jutsu,weapons and are you fearless?ARE YOU A FREAKING NINJA!!

Created by: XxHopelessChildxX
  1. Do you believe that you're a true ninja?
  2. What ninja weapons would you use?
  3. Who would you rather have as a sqaud?
  4. A ninja kills your partner..You--
  5. You have a crush on--
  6. Naruto ask's you to go on a mission with him you--
  7. (Okay now it's Itachi) Itachi tell's you to follow him.You--
  8. How would you kill?
  9. What clan would you be in?
  10. Are you--
  11. Last Question. Did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Ninja