Which Ninja Rookie Are You?

The nine graduating rookie ninja of Konohagakure each have their own distinct personalities. We know them as they are loud, shy, sarcastic, and cold, and we all know which one is our favorite. The question is, which one are you most like?

Unfortunately, poor Shino had to be excluded from the possible outcomes due to the number of spaces. Lee, Tenten, and Neji were also excluded. But that's okay, they're not part of the class anyway. Have fun, and for the love of not being a tool, don't cheat.

Created by: Doodle
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  1. It's late at night. You just got home from some family thing, and you completely forgot about your homework.
  2. A saturday in your ever so busy schedule just cleared up. You decide to spend the day...
  3. Whenever you have time, you try to squeeze in a little
  4. It's picture day at school for this year's yearbook. You
  5. The perfect friend for you is someone who...
  6. Your favorite kind of movie is one that...
  7. You're assigned to a group at school to work on a project you...
  8. When it comes to pets and kids, you...
  9. Your favorite holiday is
  10. At the end of the day, you usually feel...

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Quiz topic: Which Ninja Rookie am I?