what type of ninja are you

there are many types of people in the world but only some have the skill and the knowlage of a ninja. if you think you do then give it a shot. hope you do good and find out what you are.

are you a ninja. do you have the knolage and the skill to be one. untill now you probably didnt know so if you want to know take this quiz and answer it as truthfuly as you can.

Created by: sean
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is the best clothes to where.
  2. what is your favorit time of day.
  3. what do you do when a fellow ninja is under attack?
  4. how do you fight?
  5. what do you do when your partner dies on a mission?
  6. how do you attack your opponet?
  7. do you listne to your leader or partner.
  8. when do you train?
  9. can you do a flip?
  10. can you do a hand spring?
  11. can you climb things
  12. can you run fast.

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Quiz topic: What type of ninja am I