what naruto ninja r u

many people want to find out what ninja they are.what is a true ninja?a true ninja is a person whos not afraid of their fears.a person who will fight anyone to protect others.

Are you a ninja?will you fight to protect everyone?do you wonder what kohana leaf ninja you are?well if you take this quiz you will be able to find out!

Created by: tyler

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  1. what would you use in a battle?
  2. what would you say if you were about to battle orochimaru
  3. what would you do if one of your squad members died in battle
  4. what would you rather eat
  5. what ninja boy/girl would you date
  6. whats your fav. jutsu
  7. do you love animals
  8. whos ur fav. hokage
  9. are you a nervous person
  10. like sasuke if ur friend ran to orochimaru what would you do

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