WHA NINJA ARE YO LIKE? Naruto? Sasuke? How about Shikamaru?

This quiz is to figure out which Naruto Chacrater you like the best there is three diferent choices. Have fun doing my test. WEll have a ton of fun!!!!

Awesomeness ! Can you chose the right charater? Do you like any of them find out wich of the three ninja are for you! so have a lot of fun. Choose between NAruto, Sasuke, and Shikamaru.

Created by: Janemara

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  1. Ochimaru attacks you what do you say?
  2. A shuriken is thrown at you unepectedly...Who's with you?
  3. What do they do about this surpise attack?
  4. So you some how get saved by this Hotie!!! Only to find out it was Naruto in disguise. You...
  5. Whats you favorite color?
  6. Who's Sasuke after?
  7. Kakashi asks if anyone wants to go on a B rated misson, what do you say?
  8. Your favorite food is?
  9. YOu fall asleep on a bench in the park...Who caries you home?
  10. It's early morning, and you are sleeping comfortably in your bed when (all of the sudden) one of your team-mates rushes in screaming. You:

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