Will You Survive The Zombie Ambush?

There Are Alot Of People Who Wishes To Survive Ambushes. But On This one, you gotta try and survive the zombie ambush. Ambushes is, Afterall, Quite Scary. But What is a ambush? A Ambush is like theres a tropical storm or huge complex problems.

Are YOU Able to survive the ambush? Do You Have The Skills To Get Through The Whole Mission? Then...You Wonder About it. Say Thank you to this quiz. cause you'll figure out the result in a few minutes!

Created by: Beetle

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  1. Choose a weapon you would use.
  2. How Many people should be with you?
  3. You Woke Up At a cloudy day and went downstairs. when you went to watch tv, news spreads about zombies everywhere. what should you do?
  4. You and Your Friends Can't Decide where to hide before the ambush starts. which place would be perfect for you to hide at?
  5. You Can't Decide Who your supposed to keep more when you find a tiger and a american.which should you keep?
  6. You Find Zombies Getting out of a abandoned house. what should you do?
  7. You Hide in the mall but once again you get trapped by the zombies! How Will You Kill Them?
  8. You Run To Zack's Cafe and hides under the table. but when one of your friends try to get in, the door was locked! what should you do?
  9. While You Hid in the mall at the cafe, you see a secret passage, you try to open it but it was locked, what should you do?
  10. When You Got out of the passage way, you were trapped by zombies and have no escape. what should you do?
  11. When You Noticed All The Zombies Were Killed, You Find A Woman Trapped in Zack's Cafe Crying. What should you do?
  12. Final Question. The Cloudy Weather Turned into Sunny when the ambush was done. but everybody but your tiger,friends and the woman are dead. what should you do?

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Quiz topic: Will I Survive The Zombie Ambush?