Could you be a runaway?

You think you're tough? You think you got what it takes to live on the other side of the law? To take chances? Well... Do you? Take the ultamite quiz of your tough, criminal abilities! See if you could survive the ultamite test of a "bad guy" (or girl-depending on your gender). Find out if YOU could be a runaway!

You're a mafia boss who recently got nabbed by the cops! You have a lot of old connections with both big and little gangs. Plus you've connected well with your prison gang. But now, it's time to kiss the bars goodbye! It's time... To JAIL BREAK! You'll have to call on all your wits and formor families. Do you have it in you? Find out NOW!

Created by: J_Tiger
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  1. You're out on the prison yard when a fight breaks out! You realize it's your gang that started it. You...
  2. You and a couple brothers managed to get out of your cells at night-But you're not out of the woods yet... What's your plan to get off the prison grounds?
  3. One of your brothers gets cought! You...
  4. You and one other member made it to the city unscaved and go your separate ways. But now what?
  5. You stole a car and your now driving down the highway when you notice a cop in your rear-veiw mirror. He doesn't have his lights on but he seems to be watching you intently. You...
  6. You have to pay a toll up ahead. You notice an E-Z Pass on the windsheild. But you could easily pay with cash, however that would slow you down a bit and you're sure the cops are all looking for you. What do you do?
  7. Okay, you're back in your old neighborhood. Who do you get help from?
  8. It's been a month since you made the prison break, and there's no way the cops have stopped looking yet. How long do you plan to stay in hiding?
  9. You get word that an old mob brother of yours is trying to get word to you. You...
  10. The police have spotted you in an alley! What do you do?
  11. You're finally caught after two years of hiding. (It was a good try but you knew it would happen.) the police offer you a deal, they say they'll lighten your sentance if you tell them all the people that helped you. You...

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