Runaway love drama

Hello! This was my first quiz! Hope you enjoy it! But first, I'd like to tell you that this is a story I'm writing and I'm wondering who the main character should fall in love with so I did a quiz on it to get the public's opinion, so please be honest!

This story is basically that it is in the future and the government has taken over the U.S without the people knowing? How did this happen? You don't know! But you're parents left you and you are now in a group of Runaways, the "leader" of this group has many enemies which you don't know of yet! So the plot will get more fast-paced but the first one is just the introduction to the story!

Created by: attamae
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  1. It is the future! There are new gadgets and things but you've no idea what a gun is! The government has taken over the county without the citizens knowing! How did this happen? Continue to find out! You are a teenage girl who's parents (who were never really very nice) have left you on the street's of New York, New York! You are very hungry and you have to go looking for food. Along the way to a bakery (even though you don't think you have enough money to buy anything) you see somebody, who looks to also be homeless like you, with tattered cloths, short dirty red hair, bright green eyes and a dirty face. However he happens to have more than enough food for just him. What do you do?
  2. Before you can say or do anything he sees you from the ally and that could be because you're stomach just growled. He smiles at you friendly, "Hi my name's Kyle, are you hungry?" You nod and Kyle holds out one of the loaves of bread he's holding, what do you do/think?
  3. You eat some bread, donuts and other things that Kyle gives you until you're full! It's nice not to be starving. "What's you're name?" Kyle asks after you say you're full, "My names ______." you say. "Pleased to meet you _____." Kyle says, "But I have to ask what someone like you is doing out on the streets looking for food?" (What do you say?)
  4. You tell him the story and he listens to it until the end, "I'm sorry you're parents abandoned you, but I do know of a place you can stay that's warm, dry, has food and isn't an orphanage." He says after you tell him the story. What do you do?
  5. Eventually he get you to agree to go and he takes you through a maze-like thing in New York, warning you to always go right in the maze and NEVER to go left. After some time of walking you two reach a huge mansion that is surrounded by tall skyscrapers that have no windows facing you and there is a huge brick roof over head that would block out the view of low flying aircraft. You have reached the hide out! What do you think?
  6. "So here it is, our hide out." He says, and you, being smarter then the average bear asks, "We?" He smiles and answers you're question, "There's more then just me, there's a handful of people living here too. Why? Is that okay?"
  7. Kyle gives you a tour and the inside's bigger then the outside, with plenty of rooms, a few bathrooms, a kitchen, dinning room and the works, however Kyle doesn't show you some of the rooms and when you ask why he just says, "Those are other people's rooms they probably wouldn't appreciate it if I showed you their rooms." Just then you see someone, he is a little taller then you, black hair and eyes and doesn't look like he's pleased to see you, "Kyle who is this?" He asks and you notice he has a knife, it's not drawn but he's got his hand on it. "Oh, hi Chase, this is _____, _____ this is Chase, he's somewhat the leader around here." Chase hesitates before removing his hand from the un-drawn knife before saying, "I would say it's a pleasure to meet you, but I'd be lying." (what do you think of this Chase character?)
  8. Chase turns away, "Fine then." And he just walks away, you, very confused wondering what that was all about but Kyle says, "Sorry about him, he's a little on edge at the moment, what with Halk harassing him and all, but anyway, he's usually not like that. But, I want to ask you something." His bright green eyes staring deep into yours, "Will you stay here? There's plenty of food, cloths, water and everything and there are people who would kill you now that you've been here, will you stay, ____, please?" (what do you think/say)
  9. You are very confused and overwhelmed and agree to stay, which makes Kyle happy. He shows you to you're room that is upstairs with it's own bathroom and a queen sized bed. Kyle also tells you that his room is in the hallway along with Chase's room, Night's room, Tyler and Aden's room (who are twins) and some others.
  10. Okay that end's the "Runaway love drama" quiz! And you will find out who the others are next time...maybe, see I'm wondering if I should continue, what do you think? (does not affect you're results)

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