Are you too dramatic?

Drama, drama, drama!!!! Drama is basically overreacting. Great for being in plays, but not so great as a personality trait... Dramatic people tend to annoy ( no offence to them. ). Underdramatic people tend to annoy ( no offence to them either. ).

Are you TOO dramatic? Are you UNDER-dramatic? In this simple 12 question personality quiz, you can find out!!! Results may even give you tiny tips on how others might see you depending on your drama scale!

Created by: slushee
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  1. Your friend cancels on you for a weekend sleepover you've been planning for months. She doesn't say why, but says it's important to her. You...
  2. Someone tells you that you can be mean sometimes. You...
  3. Be truthful. Do people call you dramatic?
  4. When you talk, do you ever strike poses or make wild arm gestures?
  5. Do you ever listen to yourself and think that you sound like someone in a movie?
  6. Do you cry, have tantrums, or scream often?
  7. Are you ever the first one to apoligise in a fight?
  8. You don't want to speak with someone, but they're walking up to you. You...
  9. You just finished telling your friend about what your little brother did THIS time and how he blamed it all on you. She turns to you( she seems to come from her own little world ) and asks " Sorry, but what did you say?" You...
  10. How would you react if your results for the quiz were "drama quueen"?

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Quiz topic: Am I too dramatic?