Your Forever? What's Ur Twilight Path

There are many dramatic stories of romance and some so romantic it makes you sad full of joy then so much love there isnt enough forever to show it !!! which one are you going to get?

This Quiz is to show you who out of some favorite selected couples and new stories from twilight would your future in love and just your destiny would you follow in.

Created by: Makayla
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  1. If you could Choose your destiny no matter what anyone else said out of being mixed breed. What Side would you go to?
  2. Would you go to great lengths to save everyone you loved and cared for even if it meant death or unhappiness?
  3. What Is your Dream Family Idea.
  4. If forever was cut short and was to end how would you want your family to look back on how they descibe the love that was and will always be there?
  5. What Would You Choose For a Combination of Baby names?
  6. What Matters Looks or Soul and Personality?
  7. Your Love Life On A Scale 1-10?
  8. Why Is Love So.... (fill In The Rest)
  9. I will Promise to love you now till the end of never cause we are here forever.
  10. What describe your love?

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Quiz topic: My Forever? What's Ur Twilight Path