What is your life mostly about?

This quiz Determines what your life is mostly about. Don't get me? Read this--Anybody has something different about their life. It either includes bad luck or boredom, or probably Honesty or Easy-going. Anybody loves to do different things, which is the big twist. But whenever they do different things, it leads them to a different path. Either "Psychoness" or "Playfulness". Which path would you choose?

What is your life mostly about? Is it about Frustration or boredom? Or probably Hyp---ess and playfulness? Take this quiz to find out your true destiny, and to know your "Secret Personality". Thank you for reading these interesting paragraphs on why to take this quiz.

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  1. First off, How is your life processing?
  2. You wake up in the morning as you stretch out your arms and yawn happily. Today is the last day of school and you are now excited to spend your vacation on anything you want. Right now, You open the blinds and hear birds chirping and see the sun shining your face completely. Soon enough after you took a bath, brushed your teeth and dressed up, it's time to eat breakfast. You...
  3. After your fresh meal, time to go to school! So then you grabbed your backpack and went to check if you have everything you needed; Your books, pencils, essay, science project and folder. But "Oh no!", you thought. You just lost your math textbook and worksheet that your teacher gave you! Time to decide to choose the good or dark side. You...
  4. After your classes, time for the classes to chill out at the halls a little. Your school never let the students get a break. You see kids talking by the locker and people hanging outside, and a few sitting on the bench. Which would you prefer to do?
  5. Science class is up next! As everybody pulled up their chairs and sat down, the teacher brings up each pupils' experiment to see which one would win a blue ribbon. But suddenly, one of the pupils, Andrew Sanders, won the blue ribbon instead! That's not even fair! You...
  6. Woohoo! English! The teacher takes everybody's essays and graded them perfectly. Most of the students got Bs, Cs or Ds. But you just got a perfect A! You...
  7. Time for a quick bathroom break or a refreshment from the water fountain! Lots of people form a long line on whichever path you chose. Which did you prefer?
  8. Today was now lunch time. Since you have 95 spare cents and 18 dollars, time to find a good meal to eat. What do you choose?
  9. As the bell rings, everybody runs out of school with their Graduation uniforms and throws them up in the air. Then, they ran back home with a yearbook in their hand. You feel very sad about leaving school, but at least you get to keep "Those memories" now.
  10. End of quiz. No affect but, Did you like it?

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Quiz topic: What is my life mostly about?