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  • Your life is mostly about Boredom, Sleepyness and being very annoyed. Whenever you try sleeping, people make you stay awake by talking nonstop. "Blah!" you think whenever your hearing somebody saying something, even your friends or family when telling something important to you. You just hate to do activities or have fun.

    XDDD so meh

  • Your 67% life is mostly about...

    Your life is mostly about boredom, but just a having a little fun and being friendly. You don't like others to be down, so you would just help out for a few seconds and then go back to what your doing. Everybody considers to be your friend all the time, and you just get so bored on your homework, you disagree to work on it, but just work on it a little. A little more boredom, eh?

    tht z so me :D
    i loved thz quiz

  • The h-y-p-e-r-n-e-s-s thing, The stupid Gotoquiz thing just ruined the word. Sorry!

    Anonymous 1
  • haha...boredom...to tally me lol

  • Oh, and I ment "Throw their hats in the air" on one of the questions. Sorry!

    Anonymous 1

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