Which Achaean God/dess are you?

Delusions of grandeur? Megalomaniac? Ever think you were a God? Now you can discover exactly what God or Goddess you'd be. THE essential test to take to see if you should become a Celani.

These 12 short questions could change your Achaean life forever! 5 short minutes to discover you path of fame and fortune. Will you be Mithraea? Tarah? Apollyon? Are you Divine at all? Read on....

Created by: Sweetiepie
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  1. It's time to hand out some Divine favours! What do you favour your lowly mortal followers for?
  2. How did you become an Immortal?
  3. OMG! Sarapis has just fired you! Why did he do that?
  4. Sarapis declares there are just not enough Nature deities about. You must now become a Nature Goddess. What do you do?
  5. Sarapis grants you your own special, customised smiting trick to use on mortals. What do you do?
  6. What makes you such a cool Divine?
  7. What would your first act as a Divine be?
  8. What is your alignment?
  9. Speaking of ships.....
  10. What City do you Patron?

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Quiz topic: Which Achaean God/dess am I?