Which Essential Oil Do You Need Most?

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Essential Oils are such an amazing, all natural tool you can use to improve your body, mind and spirit. There are lots to choose from and each has it's own unique properties.

Take this quiz to find out which essential oil you need most right now! Keep in mind that all essential oils are not created equally. Please consult a professional before using. I'm happy to help! You can find me at fitbybodylove.com

Created by: BodyLove
  1. What issue do you currently deal with the most frequently?
  2. Which skin issue do you relate to the most?
  3. Which belly issue do you most to relate to?
  4. Which issue do you feel you could you use the most help with?
  5. Which issue do you relate to most?
  6. Which of the following would you most like to add to incorporate?
  7. Which issue do you deal with most?
  8. Which category would you like the most help with?
  9. Which one of these things do you feel you need most?
  10. Choose which part of your body gives you the most trouble.

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Quiz topic: Which Essential Oil do I Need Most?