what horror icon are you?

Horror icons are the people we have nightmares about. We fear them when we are awake and asleep. They are the eternal darkness inside all of us. They are the people and things we would hate to see, they are the people you would runaway from, they are here forever.

Are you the type of person who will kill, scare, or torture someone? Are you a horror icon? Are you the person who will reveal there inner darkness. Are you the type of person who would do all of the above? Take my quiz to find out if you are a horror icon who does kill scare and torture.

Created by: keenan
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  1. Do you look like a burnt victim?
  2. Do you wear a hockey mask?
  3. are you 3 feet tall?
  4. are you ageless and from hell
  5. can you fly?
  6. do you where a mask?
  7. Have you electricuted someone while they were in the bath tub.
  8. Are you a star trek or star wars type of guy.
  9. are you undead?
  10. If you were to use a knife or a pair of claws to kill someone which would it be?

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Quiz topic: What horror icon am I?