Circa Survive Quiz

Hey circa survive street team! Lauren & Ena here! We decided to make a quiz for you guys, its a bit long, but it will really test how well you know the band! and NO it's not all off wikipedia and myspace lol we don't know everythingggg about them, but this is based on part of our knowledge about this amazing band!

So, how well DO you fans know Circa Survive? Hope you guys enjoy it! & feel free to comment on what you thought about it! Actually, please do, we love to read comments! Thanks and make sure to keep updated and spread the word!

Created by: Lauren & Ena
  1. Circa Survive currently lives in a house in
  2. Singer Anthony Green used to be in the band
  3. Cove Reber and Anthony Green get along and keep in touch
  4. Anthony's favorite tv channel is
  5. One of Circa's cooking specialties is
  6. 4 out of the 5 members of Circa Survive are vegetarians, the one who is NOT is
  7. One of Anthony's idols is [hint: just featured in a popular magazine]
  8. Quick!!! No looking at"It must be buried under The heart that makes this pace consistent" which song?
  9. That one was pretty easy..."Now our perceptions have grown, branches and petals of paper and metal" Which song?
  10. Drummer, Steve's, major influence is
  11. Colin is always wearing freakin
  12. Circa Survive is signed with
  13. At Warped Tour, Circa is currently raffling off
  14. Circa Survive went with their gut instinct when choosing their band name, what does it mean?
  15. Their most recent music video release is for the song
  16. I'm going to go post a comment on my thoughts of this quiz and/or how well i did! [correct answer=yes] haha hope you guys enjoyed it! :]

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