Could you survive a war?

War is happening all the time and I am wondering if you could survive a war. This 16 question quiz will show if you could survive a war. Hopefully you could because we need soldiers out there fighting for war.

Could you survive a war? Do you have the strength, intellegence, and the ability to shoot someone well get moving and take this quiz already! Good luck!

Created by: Jeremy Noha
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  1. Do you have gun experience?
  2. Do you own a gun?
  3. Do you believe in war?
  4. You are surrounded by 10 people of the other army and by yourself. What do you do?
  5. Are you part German?
  6. You are in the middle of combat and you suddenly run out of all your ammo. What do you do?
  7. Are you scared to die?
  8. If someone on your side suddenly fell to the ground in battle would you help him or keep fighting?
  9. What comes to mind when you think of war?
  10. You are in the middle of the mess hall at base and you hear gunfire then suddenly one of your men falls to the floor and dies and you notice a shattered window what do you do?
  11. You are in the middle of a small battle and one guy goes down but the gunfire didn't come from the enemy. The guy next to you says it was an accident. What do you do?
  12. You are camping out and it is your turn to keep watch then you hear leaves rustling. What do you do?
  13. Did you like this quiz?
  14. Do you like pumpkins?

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