Survive My Horror Movie...I Dare You.

There are very few people who survive horror movies, but would YOU survive MINE? It may not seem that intimidating, but there are many trick questions that you will have to know about monsters to get. Try it, fullfill your quiz destiny!!

Survive my Horror Movie-i dare you! Do YOU have what it takes to survive in this monster ridden world? Do you know what to expect and who to go to or help if you need it? Would you sit around and watch as your companion falls dead? Find out!

Created by: Zuko/Azula_DarkDragon
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  1. A troop of the Undead are headed for you, you grab what?
  2. Your sleeping in your bed, no body in your house except for you, and all of a sudden youu door flies open and all you can see is a bloddy knife. What do you do?
  3. Are you alone, or with friends?
  4. You have a choice between two weapons, which do you choose?
  5. You are in a prison cell, and you have two weeks to escape, what do you use?
  6. True or False: You are strong in body and mind.
  7. Will you tell your battle secrets?
  8. True/False:You cry very easily and give up quickly.
  9. Do you count on otheres for survival?
  10. A goast is coming up on you, what do you use to defeat it?
  11. Last question, would you trust ME?

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