Would-Be Parents

Being a parent is a big responsibility, it takes a lot of commitment and sacrifice from both parents. Knowing if youí¢€™re ready will help you ensure that your baby can grow up with the best that you can provide for it. Everyone is capable of becoming good parents, but it is not a decision you want to make rashly, how prepared you are will not only impact your life but also your child's.

Congratulations you are ready! You have shown that you are capable to take care of a child. You have financial security, and a good home. You have the knowledge and are willing to make the sacrifice needed for you to ensure proper care for your child. With the help of people around you, your child will hopefully grow up into a healthy and happy adult. Remember to not be afraid to ask for help, raising a child is a big responsibility and it does not make you a bad parent to ask for help when you need it.

Created by: Sherise Williamson
  1. Is Parenting a lifelong committment?
  2. What is your relationship status currently?
  3. How much experience do you have with children?
  4. Have you taken any parenting course? Are you aware of what must be done to take care of babies, etc?
  5. How much free time do you have per day?
  6. Do you have any addictions to drugs, alchol , etc?
  7. Do you work full time? Are you financially stable to support the new baby as well?
  8. Do you and your p---ter communicate well, and can help each other to take care of the baby?
  9. How are your sleeping habits, would you be able to get up about every 3 hours for the baby, etc?
  10. Do you have any close friends or family living nearby?
  11. How often do you communicate with your family?
  12. Is your living situation stable?
  13. Which answer could be taken in consideration of not being ready to take care of a baby?
  14. Why do you want a baby?
  15. Do you believe you are capable of this responsibility?

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