are your parents overprotective?

do you think your parents limit you way to much? do you get into arguments often with your parents? well its time to see if its you or them whos making the mistake, see if your parents are overprotective, or if you just like to argue.

are your parents overprotective, you might think this because you like to argue, or you think diffrent from them, but its time to find out. if they are then that means that it wont be that hard to find a way out of your arguments, if there not, then try looking at it from thier perspective.

Created by: noah of vegiman12
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  1. do your parents inforce a curfew?
  2. if your at your freinds house, do your parents ask if there will be an adult?
  3. do your parents listen to your oppinions?
  4. do your parents argue with you?
  5. will your parents let you date?
  6. do your parents respect your oppinion?
  7. if you broke a rule what would your parents do?
  8. do your parents limit you beyond how your peers are limited?
  9. do you think your parents are overprotective?
  10. do you have younger siblings?
  11. why did you take this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am Ir parents overprotective?