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  • My mom and dad are so overprotective that I can't even dress myself I can't even go ride my bike on the road that is right in front of the house and there watching. Me and my only friend try to go to this special camp every Summer but know I wish I could go to that camp and never leave. That camp is what I want my life to be like no parents that are way to overprotected, I get to go swimming and actually buy stuff and be with my friends. My friends life is so much cooler.

    I can't even go to a real school I have to be "home schooled".


    • I totally understand, I live right next to my grandparents and they still drive me there, i'm not allowed to do the stuff my older brother was allowed to do, i'm homeschooled as well , it feels like i'll never have my own life, it makes me so angry, when ever I get the chance to get away from them I use it, I just wish I could be a little more independent in life

  • I can totally relate my parents a 12,658,0000000% percent over protective I hate it. My parents won't even let my ride my bike down the street or let me go to my friends house also when i'm getting dressed she just stands there watching me like a little kid it's so annoying. But yet they don't treat my younger siblings this way. And. One time when my friends asked to come to my house over the phone she yelled no right in my ear I was so mad at them i didn't talk to them at all for. 6 months or more that's how upset i was because they took away my freedom. Especially my dad he won't even let me drive my car anywhere. I've tried over and over communicating with them but they just don't listen to anything i have to say it's not fair me and my best friend Brianna always go a big vacation to. Florida. It's so fun. But this when i prepared for the trip she guilted me into not going so they went without me I was so mad that. I said some pretty nast things right to their faces and. I felt like punching and hitting them. So yes I can definitely relate to all of it I too really hate my parents and wish they were never even born !!!!!!!!!

  • -cant go outside besides the backyard.
    -can call friends for only 30 minutes a day.

    -cannot complain or they will bring me to the hospital because they will think I have a behavioral issue.

    -cannot do anything that is the slightest bit inappropriate or not safe or the police will be called.

    -No speaking about inviting your only friend over not going to their house because A)you wont be allowed to go and B)You will receive a 15 minute lecture about how much your parents dislike this friend.

    -No texting on your phone while around your parents because they will be threatened and be mad that you have been talking to your friend for over an hour even though you just texted them hello.

    (These are some of the rules that I have to follow and I want to run away from these parents someday)

    • What my parents don't let me do

      - don't let me play online games, no matter how kid friendly they are

      - don't let me chat my friends i haven't seen for over a year

      - they don't even let me have a cellphone, because I once played roblox :/

      - get into a big argument with me because they don't understand the simple concept of single player games

      - don't let me watch Netflix, even though I'm 13 years old :/


  • Hah! My parents are 100000000000% overprotective! They won't let me talk to guys, hang out a min after class in a male teachers class, I don't get to speak at home without knocking or making a noise without using my mouth!

    Luna fox
  • 88% YES. They worry about every little thing I do and they worry so much about how I'm going to turn out in the future. I have to wake up and say giod morning or I get punished. Whenever I have a different opinion i get yelled at. Not fair.

  • Your Result: pretty much 86%

    depending on your age this is pretty bad, your parents hold all but a little of what you do, you need to learn that its gunna stay this way unless you do something about it.

    68% not so much
    41% YES
    32% not at all

  • Im 121/2 and im not allowed out the front coz some drunks started swearing at me-its ruining my life i was born for the outdoors i was born to be free but instead i feel like a caged make matters worse im homeschooled

  • My parents won't even let me go to a friend's house without knowing the parents. My best friend invite me over and my mom said no cause she doesn't know her mom. Talk about UNFAIR.

  • i got 90% for pretty much my parents even when i am given a choice will not stop arguing until i agree with their thinking. I have now learned to either do what they say or get yelled at, hit or grounded and sometimes all 3. Really my life sucks i have even thought of suicide as early as age 8.

  • 90%- more like 100%!!

    they dont even let me go out of the house,to a friends house or birthday, orrr to the library to do a project. I've asked millions of times. i cant even talk to friends on the social media. nothing. fml. i wish i could make them nicer, and they dont even trust me! Like why? its not like i do anything wrong considering the fact THAT U WONT f---ING LET ME DO ANYTHING BESIDES STAY AT HOME.

    • I am treated the same exact way. I understand. However I only got 2 more years here, however they claim they will enforce parental controls on my phone until I graduate college.

    • OMG same. except they already have.
      i get thirty beeping minutes.

      Espresso Kitty
  • Your Result: pretty much

    depending on your age this is pretty bad, your parents hold all but a little of what you do, you need to learn that its gunna stay this way unless you do something about it.

    not so much
    not at all
    Ugh fix it!!! ='l

    Puppy xo1
  • 88% they don't let me do anything , unless with them. I cant even go to my friends house without them, and they're right beside us

  • i live with my geandparents and my uncle and aunt they are f---ing toxic all the do is tell me what to do with my life ,what to were how to live . in school they dont even let me go to my frinds house who live a bit far from my house it alwaya felt like a cage.. manuplateded me into taking engenering after 10th . no matter what i do they will find a mistake in that, i m sick of them.

  • My mom is SO overprotective, I only get thirty minutes of internet, and all of it is monitored by her. My older sister never had to deal with this. Unfair

    86% yes.

    Espresso Kitty
  • Not so much

  • i think its impossible to get yes here
    i tried 3x only so dont blame me if u got yes


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