What Classical Element Do You Control?

The four classical elements are fire, water, air, and earth. In many works of fiction, past and present, magic powers revolve around control of these things.

This test will help decide which of the four you are best suited to control. However, be warned, not all answers are as obvious as they seem. Don't try to get what you want.

Created by: Ada
  1. Which of these best describes your hands?
  2. Imagine playing a shell game with three cups. Which cup do you select?
  3. Which of these are you afraid of?
  4. Which of these is the grossest?
  5. How does your family feel about its culture?
  6. Do you follow the crowd?
  7. Which of these would you find most beneficial to control?
  8. Which best describes your living space right now?
  9. Which best describes your school experience?
  10. What kind of things did you watch growing up?
  11. What is your view on religion?
  12. Is your view of yourself positive or negative?
  13. Are you confident?
  14. Are you creative?
  15. Are you athletic?
  16. Pick a color.

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Quiz topic: What Classical Element do I Control?