What Type of Weather are You? (Kawaii!)

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What type of weather are you? Are fun sunshine? Creepy mist? Peaceful snow? Find out in this quiz with kawaii pictures of weather and personality descriptions.

This quiz was based off my comic, Geode Corner, because weather is the main protagonist's passion. Weather is often used to enhance emotional and action scenes in comics, and it is literally an important part of the protagonist's life. ((Her dream is to become a storm-chaser.)

Created by: Geode Corner
  1. Right now, you want to...
  2. What Music do you like?
  3. Choose a Place
  4. Pick a Sport
  5. Pick a Color
  6. Pick a Word
  7. You are/are a...
  8. Pick a myth...
  9. Pick a Drink
  10. Pick a Planet
  11. Pick an element.
  12. Pick a Month.

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Quiz topic: What Type of Weather am I? (Kawaii!)