Hurricane IQ Test

Can you understand what a hurricane forecast is communicating? Do you get lost when a weather forecaster is talking about a hurricane? More than 50% of subjects in a University of Charleston study lacked a basic understanding of simple hurricane forecast terminology.

Are you a hurricane forecast expert? Do you have what it takes to earn this title? Or do you feel like you need a dictionary when a weather forecaster is talking about a hurricane because it sounds like they are speaking another language to you? Take this quiz now and find out your level of hurricane forecast IQ!

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  1. The accuracy of a hurricane forecast by the National Weather Service at 72 hours before projected landfall is _____ than the same forecast 24 hours before projected landfall.
  2. The greatest danger associated with a hurricane is:
  3. What occurs if the forward speed of an approaching hurricane decreases?
  4. A hurricane warning means hurricane conditions are:
  5. Errors in forecasting the forward speed of a hurricane affect
  6. A hurricane watch means hurricane conditions are:
  7. What is the "hurricane path or track"?
  8. A notice issued by the National Hurricane Center, numbered consecutively for each storm, describing the present and forecasted position and intensity is called a _____________. These notices are issued at six-hour intervals at midnight, 6 a.m., noon and 6 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time.
  9. The expected severity of flooding (minor, moderate or major) as well as where and when the flooding will begin is called a ______________.
  10. A hurricane is:
  11. A Hurricane Season is the portion of the year having a relatively high incidence of hurricanes. What is the time period of a typical hurricane season?
  12. What is the width of the path of the hurricane? Usually this path area is about 125 miles wide with 75 miles to the right of the eye and 50 miles to the left of the eye.
  13. What are "feeder bands"?

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