Northern Hemisphere Hurricane Quiz

Tropical cyclones have plagued the shores of our world for eons. Unfortunately, they're here to stay. Because of this, it is important that we do all we can to learn about them, so that we can use that knowledge to better our preparation of these events in nature.

How much do you know about tropical cyclones? Think you know a lot? Think you know little? Just here to take a quiz out of boredom? Whatever the case, this quiz is sure to test your knowledge about tropical meteorology.

Created by: Kori
  1. In what year did male names begin to be used in the Atlantic and East Pacific for tropical cyclones, in tandem with the female names?
  2. In what year did Hurricane Iwa impact the Hawaiian Islands?
  3. Which Atlantic naming list has had the least amount of names retired?
  4. Which tropical cyclone became the first Category 5 on record to develop in the Central Pacific, in the Central Pacific Hurricane Center's area of responsibility?
  5. What is the second hurricane in a series of three Category 5 landfalls in the United States within the last century?
  6. What is the earliest month that a central Pacific major hurricane has developed?
  7. Has there ever been a springtime major hurricane in the Atlantic?
  8. What name has been used the most in the Atlantic basin since naming with real names (not the naming list used during 1950, 1951, and 1952) began in 1953?
  9. At which year did both the East and West Pacific start seeing below average tropical cyclone activity, that, unknowingly at the time, would lead to below average activity year after year (with a few notable exceptions)?
  10. Which western Pacific tropical cyclone had estimated sustained winds of over 200 mph?
  11. Before Hurricane Ivan broke the record in 2004, which Atlantic hurricane was the most intense on record at low latitudes?
  12. What is the most intense East Pacific hurricane on record (in terms of pressure)?
  13. What is the most intense West Pacific typhoon on record (in terms of pressure)?
  14. What is the most intense Atlantic hurricane on record (in terms of pressure)?
  15. In what year did reconnaissance aircraft begin flying into Atlantic tropical cyclones?
  16. In what year did the strongest El NiƱo on record occur?
  17. Has there ever been a Category 5 make landfall in the East Pacific?
  18. Which Atlantic hurricane impacted every state along the East Coast of the United States?
  19. What was the first named East Pacific tropical cyclone that attained Category 5 status in the basin?
  20. What is the least active year on record in the Atlantic?
  21. Name the only month in the Atlantic in which no tropical or subtropical cyclone has been observed.
  22. In what year was Northern Hemisphere tropical cyclone activity at a record low?

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