Are you a Hurricane Geek?

Hurricanes are common, but what do you know about them? Sure you may know about how Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, but what do you truly know to make destruction through out America and other parts of the world as well.

Put your knowledge to the test, and see if you really know. Sure you may know some small things, but I doubt you know it all unless your a NHC forecaster, to them and weather geeks these stuff is common knowledge.

Created by: Kyle Denny
  1. What was the most active Hurricane season on record for the Atlantic?
  2. 2008 was a horrific year for the United States, but 1 Hurricane was so great in destruction that it is only third to Hurricanes Katrina and Andrew, what was its name?
  3. Hurricane Wilma was the strongest Hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic, with 185 MPH winds, what was the record pressure (Mb)?
  4. During 1989, Hurricane Hugo devastated areas of South Carolina, What was Hugo's peak Intensity?
  5. In 2008, New Orleans was tested yet again. Although its levee's hold, this Hurricane was the 6th most destructive Hurricane to hit the USA.
  6. Name the smallest Tropical Cyclone ever recorded.
  7. Name the largest Tropical Cyclone ever recorded
  8. Name the first ever Hurricane to hit the United States at Category 5 intensity.
  9. Who invented the Hurricane Category scale?
  10. There are many ways that Hurricanes form, which one of these aren't.

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Quiz topic: Am I a Hurricane Geek?